Drywall Repair at Galles Painting & Drywall LLC

There are many aspects that come together when a house is built. One of these aspects is sheetrock-drywall. Used to make interior walls, this material is made from a panel of gypsum plaster and it is secured to the skeleton of the house to create the walls. When those walls or ceilings get damaged, or you need new sheet rock taped and coated, just give our drywall contractor a call! 

After the sheetrock is installed, we do the finishing process of taping, coating, and sanding to create a smooth, flush texture. We also do drywall repair when it comes to holes, bad areas from water damage, skim coating, and much more. Then, after a layer of primer, you are free to paint it however you would like. Although, we don't hang the sheet rock, taping and coating require a certain technique and finesse and is best suited for a quailified painter and taper at Galles Painting & Drywall LLC.

We can also apply popcorn or knockdown texture!

If you are looking for a drywall repair expert to fix those holes or damaged areas in your drywall, or finish your new sheetrock, call us at Galles Painting & Drywall LLC today. We’re located in Woodbury, MN.


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